Programme 2020

               PROGRAMME 2020


16th January            Suzanne Fagence-Cooper

                                Pre-Raphaelite Stained Glass


20th February           Marie-Anne Mancio

                                The Bed in Art: Titian to Emin


19th March                Simon Seligman

                                 Ruskin: Venice to Sheffield


15th April                   Rupert Willoughby

                                 Basingstoke: Its contribution to World culture


21st May                    Nigel Bates

                                 Tantrums and Tiaras


18th June                   David Winpenny

                                 Scandal, Spite and Shuttlecocks


16th July                    Matthew Williams



17th September        Tony Rawlin

                                 Madmen and Artists


15th October             Anne Haworth

                                 The Art of the Shell


19th November         Jenny Scruton

AGM                         Vases, Volcanoes and Victory


The Arts Society: Holderness