Programme 2021

               PROGRAMME 2021



16th September         Bertie Pearce:

                                 Now you see it; now you don't

                                 This is one of the quirkiest lectures you will                                         hear - a whistle stop tour of art which fools,

                                 surprises and amuses the viewer, given by a                                       consummate showman and entertainer.


21st October            Lynne Gibson:

                                 Double Dutch

                                 Dutch interiors hide a world of subtle hints and                                   double-entendre, spoken through a language                                     of symbols, emblems and motifs.Learn how to                                     decipher the code.


18th November          David Wright

AGM                         A brief history of wine

                                  David Wright considers wine to be an                                                  essential ingredient of a contented life, and                                        shares his passion for the role it has played in                                    civilisation for thousands of years.